Katie Hambor



Canon EOS Rebel T3, iPhone4S

I have always been interested in photography though never pursued it in a professional setting. Clockwise from top left:

Fritillary & Aster:
A fritillary butterfly pollinating a Stokes' aster blossom.

Saucer and Cup:
A snapshot of a relaxing afternoon tea,
taken with a mobile phone camera.

Cotton Candy River:
A river's small waterfall using a slow shutter
speed to create a "cotton candy" effect.

Giraffe in the Mirror:
A whimsical photo of a small toy giraffe
looking at itself through a mirror.

Event photography from Rider Dance Ensemble's
Spring 2013 showcase.

Notre-Dame de Paris:
Photographed in France, the fuzzy effect was
created with deliberate fog on the lens.