Katie Hambor



My name is Katie, and I am part of the class of 2014 at Rider University, having double majored in Graphic Design and Music Studies with a minor in Web Design. I now work as a freelance graphic designer and sell handcrafted items. I also work for zuketunes LLC as graphic designer & web content manager and zuketeas™ as general manager & graphic designer, bringing together my three loves: music, graphic design, and tea.

Ever since I was a child I found myself creating greeting cards and decorating my school "logs." It wasn't until high school I realized I was suited for graphic design, and since then I have always been looking for more opportunities to better develop my design skills. In work and casual environments, I also tend to be the go-to person for when electronics go wrong. I call myself a nerd, because nerds are people who are passionate about what they love and do.

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